Comments from our Customers...

"My wife and I own a lot on the Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan. We had a set of conventional wood stairs that collapsed after seven years. This started us on a path to find a replacement stair set. What we were looking for was a stair system that could adjust for some erosion of the bluff and would be low maintenance. We found Ed's website and gave him a call to discuss his stair system. What we realized after seeing the stair system design and assembly was it would meet our needs of ease of assembly and low maintenance. With simple hand tools and some mechanical skills, the stair system is very easy to install. The system has been in place a little over 3 years and this Spring I had to adjust one section of the stairs when the bluff eroded and left 3 of the 4 legs in the section unsupported. The system worked as designed and 2 hours later was back level and solid. If you are looking for a stair system that "floats" on the surface you are installing it on, is easy to assemble and maintain, and will outlast conventional wood stair sets then you've found your answer with Versatile Stair Systems."
-- Larry L, Manitowoc, WI

"For more years than I dare count, I have been watching people along the bluffs and dunes of Lake Michigan building expensive wood stairways to access the beach. With few exceptions these stairways have eventually failed, sometimes in only couple of years. The problem lies in unstable lake bluffs, changing lake levels and unpredictable wave erosion. Even the very slow movement of a slope will destroy any stair system that is anchored with posts in the ground. The forces exerted on such a stairway are measured in thousands of tons and there is absolutely no way the stairway can resist such forces. More often than not there is no practical way to salvage these stairways once they have failed."

"A few years back Ed came to me with an idea, a lightweight aluminum stair system that would be anchored only at the top of the bluff, a system that would float on the surface with adjustable supports. Moreover, it would be a system that could be taken apart, and reconfigured for changing slope conditions. Wow! What a simple elegant idea! Why didnít I think of that? Now Ed is producing wonderful stair systems that can survive the slow movement of an unstable slope. His stair systems can be used in many varying locations. Theyíre strong, they work and they last."

"Ed makes the difficult look easy but he will be the first to tell you that he has not solved the impossible yet and there are still a lot of challenges out there that no stair system will solve. Have Ed look at your stairway needs. If he canít do it with his stairs, probably nobody can."
-- Dean K. Ray - Natural Resource Consultant, St. Joseph, Michigan